Top 3 Must-Have Discs for Playing Barboursville

#1. The world record for the farthest thrown disc:

#2. Barboursville has a few heavily wooded, dark holes. Here's the disc we recommend:

#3. Even competition. Leave your expensive plastic at home. Give every player in your group this disc -- the best all-around flier in the world -- and you'll discover the best player in Barboursville.

Why do we recommend these? Here's why.

Welcome to the Barboursville Disc Golf Course in Barboursville, West Virginia. Here you can find detailed information about the course that you won't find anywhere else: descriptions and photos of the tees and holes, the par and yardage, and the unique elevation challenges you will face on this 18-hole course. We also recommend three specific discs for playing Barboursville, to help you contend with three specific challenges: the distances, the dark lighting condition of several holes, and the need for even competition among all players.

Barboursville Park draws visitors from throughout the east coast, due in part to its ease of access and ability to accommodate thousands of visitors. The park has dozens of baseball fields, tennis courts, a horse arena, a performance arts center, soccer fields, an R/C plane field, and a large lake stocked with fish and the park's own resident ducks. Barboursville Park is also home to a formidable bicycling and hiking trail system, ranging in difficulty from packed gravel to uphill mountain bike climbs that even the strongest riders must walk.

Barboursville Disc Golf | Sign at the start

The Barboursville disc golf course was designed in 2016 by Johnny Sias, a three-time world disc golf champion and Lavalette resident. The course takes full advantage of the park's landscape, circumscribing Lake William and its walking path, which provides easy access to each of the course's holes in turn. The first three holes are long but easy, covered by well-mowed grass with very little elevation changes. Holes four and five dig deep into the woods adjacent the four-mile River Trail, and provide an elevation, landscape and lighting challenge. The Barboursville Disc Golf course is also home of the Cartmill Climb. Named after former mayor Nancy Cartmill, this hole offers one of the steepest climbs in any disc golf course in the United States. Subsequent holes offer such dense foliage on both sides of the fairway that a misdirected shot is likely never to be recovered (and for this hole we recommend a very specific disc, with Amazon reviews off the charts, that you're guaranteed not to lose.

The practice basket at the Barboursville Disc Golf course
Whether you're a longtime resident of Barboursville, or passing through the state, we encourage you to stop by and play a few holes. The park is accessible, and many of the holes can be played quickly. The best equipment money can buy went into this course, and it is kept in tip-top shape thanks to a serious commitment by the Barboursville Park Board, the city's new youth-focused mayor, and a city council unafraid of investing the significant B&O taxes of the adjacent Huntington Mall, the largest shopping mall in West Virginia.

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