Top 3 Must-Have Discs for Playing Barboursville

#1. The world record for the farthest thrown disc:

#2. Barboursville has a few heavily wooded, dark holes. Here's the disc we recommend:

#3. Even competition. Leave your expensive plastic at home. Give every player in your group this disc -- the best all-around flier in the world -- and you'll discover the best player in Barboursville.

Why do we recommend these? Here's why.

Hole #1

Hole 1 | Barboursville Disc Golf

The fairway of Hole #1 at the Barboursville Park is better maintained than most of West Virginia's normal golf fairways. The flat expanse of grass -- trimmed about as high as regulation rough on a golf course -- changes very little in elevation over the dead-straight fairway. You'll be teeing off near the playground and immediately adjacent the Lake William walking path, with a lot of spectators. So this is the chance to impress the ladies, throw your arm out, and mess up the next 17 holes. Given the distance, overthrowing on this hole is not a concern, even with an expensive, dedicated disc golf driver. But on approach, consider your backdrop: dense woods, swampy grass when it's been raining, and a railroad track. You can easily duff your second shot and, with an unfortunate down-hill roll, leave yourself standing in very unideal woods and throwing uphill.

Hole #1 Long Tee

Hole 1 Long Tee | Barboursville Disc Golf

The long tees for the first hole is a par 3, 308 feet straightaway. Throw your heart out. Except for the moderately long distance of the fairway, throws don't get any easier than this. There is only a 2 foot elevation drop over 308 feet -- essentially flat. A mild ridge runs the length of the fairway, perfectly straight, separating the long tee from the short.

Hole #1 Short Tee

Hole 1 Short Tee | Barboursville Disc Golf
Hole 1 Short Tee | Barboursville Disc Golf
The short tees for hole #1 is also a par 3, but at a much-reduced 228 feet. In addition to being closer, the short tee for hole #1 is two feet below the cup, on the right-hand, downward side of the ridge that runs the fairway's length. The ridge is likely not to impact your play after the drive, but if you're a right handed thrower with a wide arc, it's possible that the ridge could steal your momentum on the landing roll when your drive comes back down.

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